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Towards New Horizons

A saying that has signified times of dramatic and rapid change. Today it is as applicable as ever before. Challenges posed by globalization have resulted in the downfall of businesses and raised many questions: How do I stay relevant?How do I enter new markets and gain new customers? How can I ensure a qualified supply chain? Digitalization has extensively penetrated the area of B2C commerce. New websites, apps, and other platforms are created every day.
On the other hand, the B2B business is still relatively untouched by digital transformation. Currently, lack of price transparency, quality assurance, and difficulties in customer and supplier identification reign supreme. Our current two ventures aim to leverage global access to pre-qualified manufactures in theAsian region through an online cross-border marketplace. 


is the trusted platform for all of your machinery needs. It is the go-to marketplace for quality Asian machinery at a fair price. It is a platform created for the purpose of relieving the pain of both buyers and sellers of machinery equipment in the digital age. Through our connection to Rieckermann, we can make use of a wide range of qualified supplier. Therefore, we are able to tear down cultural barriers, technological barriers, and market intransparencies for you. We also assist with logistics, procurement and set-up. In short, we offer a successful buying experience by decreasing any issue normally arising for you.


is the marketplace for state-of-the-art packaging materials from Asia you can trust. We make sourcing packaging material easy and help expand your network. Trying to source quality packaging materials from Asia can be exceedingly difficult. There are several issues and barriers that can arise, and with this marketplace, we want to cross out these hurdles. With our unique access to the Rieckermann network with over 100 packaging suppliers, we are able to solve arising issues for you. We have set up the lines of communication and have a more than qualified supplier list that can deliver the quality of packaging you need at a fair price.