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Start-Up is lived,
not learned

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Who are we

We are a corporate innovation hub. JR New Horizons aims to be the leading platform of innovational and excellence, fostering the establishment of new industrial solutions. We consider and challenge every new idea to generate substantial value in the industrial sphere. Our mission is to provide unique and enhanced industrial solutions by fostering innovation and out-of-the-box thinking. We seek opportunities at the intersection of our parent company within the industrial ecosystem where we identify, validate and implement business concepts.

How We Work - In the realm of B2B, we work with our partners to discover and scale the best business models for the future. By combining Design Thinking, Lean Startup, and Agile process management, we work based on a holistic, fast-paced approach to validate business models that will become trailblazers in their respective fields.

and Fast

Our start-up background has
taught us to:
- Iterate and execute ideas rapidly
- Focus on results  
- Stay hungry and to keep building

We speak Start-up
and Corporate

We are heavily connected to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, but also feel at home in the corporate environment. Our unique position enables us to bring both worlds together, reveling unique innovations and opportunities in the process.

Long-term Partnerships

A common goal & mutual trust comprise the foundation of a lasting and successful relationship. We believe that working in closes contact with our partners, regardless of location, brings the most significant benefits to everyone. That is why we look for partners around the world.

Who We Are

Flynn Seidel // CEO

Jesper Schwall // Junior Venture Development Manager

Bozana Grebic // Junior Venture Development Manager

André Bujok // Sales & Business Development Manager

Nadine Sauter // Packaging Consultant

Bennet Seidel// Intern

What we do

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We systematically explore and analyze developments and trends in the global industrial ecosystem. We constantly scan the markets in order to be up to date in a constantly evolving business environment.
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By scaling our ventures we bring meaningful change and innovation to their respective fields. We see challenging the status quo as a way of living, rather than a means to an end. We make ideas a reality.
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We are a company builder by leveraging the Lean Start Up method, where we conceptualize, test and implement innovative business models based on a customer centric approach.
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We continuously grow our network of corporates, start-ups and manufacturers. We engage in strategical partnerships with start-ups where we believe that we can utilize our corporate advantage to make exceptional business ideas successful.
Work with us
/Our Work in action

We help bring markets around the world join the 21st century.

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