Shaping the industrial sphere with meaningful strategic investments and impactful venture building activities.

/This is us

A Corporate
Investment Arm

We are an independent corporate investment arm of the Rieckermann Group, where we seek for opportunities at the intersection of our parent company within the industrial ecosystem. Embracing a holistic approach, we cultivate opportunities, foster growth, and drive success across diverse industries with farsightedness. Welcome to a realm where strategic investments and strategic partnerships redefine corporate excellence.
/Our Team

Our team consists of experienced investment specialists, industry experts and venture builders with hanseatic values but global focus

/our network

Together with our parent company Rieckermann, our network spans the globe

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A Variety of Opportunities

New trends, industry changes, market developments, technical advancements and digitization boost the potential for new business opportunities and challenge existing ones. With our diverse approaches, we cover a wide range of different industries, markets and business models while delivering substantial value with our network, know-how and experience
/ Our Playing Field: Transformative Corporate Investments and Company Building

In the dynamic arena of corporate investment and company building, we strategically navigate M&A activities, invest into promising ventures through VC, and actively participate in the development of innovative business concepts worldwide. Our commitment is to drive success, foster growth, and shape the future of industries for generations to come with sustainability and farsightedness.

Strategic Corporate Investments
Spearheading Strategic Growth Investments: Strategically identifying and capitalizing on opportunities that drive sustainable growth.

Facilitating Seamless Succession Planning: With our strategic investments, we can ensure a smooth transition for businesses to thrive across generations.

Guiding Restructuring Initiatives: We transform challenges into opportunities for optimal organizational performance.
/M&A: Small and Medium Cap
Strategic Corporate Venture Capital
Pioneering Investments in Disruptive Ventures: Identifying and investing in cutting-edge technologies and disruptive market solutions.

Nurturing Emerging Technologies and Visionary Ideas: Providing support and resources for visionary ideas to flourish into industry-changing innovations.
/VC: Early Stage
Corporate Company Building
Identifying, Validating, and Supporting Innovative Concepts Worldwide: Actively seeking and fostering inventive business concepts on a global scale.

Crafting Success at the Intersection of Our Parent Company: Leveraging the synergy within our parent company's industrial ecosystem for unparalleled success.
/Venture Catalyst