Probably the youngest company with 150 years of experience

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Innovation Hub

We are a corporate innovation hub, where we seek opportunities at the intersectionof our parent company within the industrial ecosystem. We identify, validateand support delivering business concepts around the globe.
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Our diverse team stands for Lean Start-Up and Agile project management.

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Together with our parent company Rieckermann, our network spans the globe

What we do


Digitalization, interconnectedness, and internationalisation boost the potential for new business opportunities and challenge existing ones. With our current ventures, we utilize the power of platform economy by establishing online marketplaces.In turn, this generates substantial value for both suppliers and buyers alike.
Discover & Define
The first step of our process follows the narrative of Design Thinking. We empathize with potential customer groups to better understand the challenges they encounter. The next step is the definition phase of our process. Here we drill down to discover what the root cause of our customers' challenges is.
Ideate & Develop
The second major step of our process is the ideation phase. Here we use the finding of the first phase to develop potential solutions to the root cause we defined.At this stage in the process, it is paramount not to discard any possible ideas immediately. It would be a mistake to limit our options before they are evaluated correctly since the best solution might not be the most intuitive.
Prototype & Test
The final stage of our process is hypothesis testing. Once we have evaluated our ideas based on what we know about our customers and the challenges they face, we quickly build a prototype of our solution to their challenges. Our goal is to confirm that we have understood their challenges fully and have defined the proper solution. This stage also enables us to learn from our customers and pivot our solution based on actual market feedback. Once we have identified an excellent product-market fit, it is time to scale it to a full-fledged product.