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Ventures - Setting Sails
Towards New Horizons

A saying that has signified times of dramatic and rapid change. Today, it is as applicable as ever before.
In the face of globalization's relentless challenges, businesses grapple with profound uncertainties, sparking pivotal questions: How does one maintain relevance? How can an entry into new markets and acquisition of customers be secured? What is the strategic approach to harnessing technology effectively?
Yet, challenges, viewed through a different lens, unfurl as opportunities—opportunities to innovate, to embark on new projects, and to explore untapped markets. Within JR New Horizons, our strategic focus encompasses key zones: Corporate Investments, Strategic Corporate Venture Capital, and Corporate Company Building.
Our diverse portfolio spans from industrial development activities with machine manufacturing companies and industrial production companies to the cultivation of vertically integrated photovoltaic entities. These are complemented by our engagement with cutting-edge technology and software solutions. This dynamic spectrum evolves over time, driven by our open-minded exploration of new opportunities within our extensive network. We don't merely confront challenges; we transform them into avenues of pioneering products, groundbreaking projects, and market expansions.

Industrial Project developer

energy sector

With our industrial developer activities, we drive the industrial production creation in the energy sector. The energy sector is crucial for economic growth, technological advancement, and social development. It provides us with energy for all aspects of our daily lives, influences environmental protection, and creates job opportunities. Promoting renewable energies and transitioning to sustainable sources is essential to ensure a secure and clean energy future.
Consequently, we focus on Waste-to-Energy projects in Europe and Asia as well as Small-Scale LNG plants in South-East-Asia.

food sector

Not only does the food industry play a crucial role in providing safe and nutritious food to the world's population, it further impacts economic growth, employment and the environment. Food safety and sustainability concerns calling for responsible practices and therefor mark key trends and challenges for the industry. With our network, industry expertise and product knowledge we drive the development of industrial food production concepts while forming alliances and investing with local partners in the Asian region to tackle the industry's future challenges.

Strategic corporate investment

Our strategic corporate investment approach is closely aligned with our parent company's value chain, creating a pivotal, nurturing and symbiotic relationship for overall growth. Positioned strategically, our investments propel success and reinforce the group's broader ecosystem's resilience. The heart of our investment philosophy lies in forging enduring partnerships, emphasizing sustainable growth. This commitment enables us to navigate industry fluctuations, ensuring stability and investment longevity.

Our strength lies in merging industry expertise with a vast network and investment know-how, identifying opportunities aligned with our parent company's objectives. This integration transforms our investments into vital components, contributing significantly to the seamless functioning of the group's ecosystem.

Geographically spanning Europe and Asia, our investments include industrial production companies and machine manufacturers. This diverse portfolio taps into varied markets, capitalizing on regional strengths and fostering global synergies. In essence, our strategic corporate investments underscore our commitment to lasting partnerships, strategic alignment, and global growth.

Strategic corporate venture capital

We know from experience how quickly market demands and structures are changing! Therefore, in our dynamic pursuit of corporate venture investments, we actively seek out innovative business models that resonate with the evolving needs of the industrial sphere. Committed to aligning with the goals of our parent company, our focus is on discovering cutting-edge solutions that foster digitalization and propel the industry into the 21st century. We navigate the business landscape with a keen eye for disruptive technologies and transformative approaches, aiming to elevate the entire sector through strategic investments. Our venture activities are rooted in a forward-thinking mindset, driven by a passion for progress and a commitment to shaping the future of our industry. On this transformative journey,  we explore and invest in ventures that not only meet but redefine the challenges of the modern industrial business landscape.

corporate company building

At the heart of our company building strategy lies a dedication to collaboration and innovation. We specialize in partnering with visionaries and local experts to transform innovative ideas into tangible business ventures. We constantly screen and identify business opportunities, validate them and finally support delivering business concepts in Europe and Asia. Our approach is straightforward yet highly effective: we merge our know-how and identified market opportunities with our expansive global network to create companies that resonate with diverse markets and cultures worldwide.

Through this collaborative approach, we not only bring promising ideas to fruition but also ensure their sustained success and growth in the long term. Our dedication to fostering these meaningful partnerships underscores our commitment to driving global innovation and building a more interconnected business landscape.