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Strategic investment by JR New Horizons to support the energy transition in Asia!

May 2024
Small Scale LNG Plant in Indonesia

We are announcing a strategic alliance with Tokyo Gas and Super Energy, both publicly listed companies, marking a significant step towards our aim to realize energy infrastructure projects in Asia. This investment, which happened already at the end of last year, is a testament to our strengths and a landmark achievement in our mission of shaping the industrial sphere with meaningful strategic investments.

Focusing on Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) processing, this joint venture will boost our regional presence and play a pivotal role in the energy sector, particularly in supporting Indonesia's transition to greener energy solutions!

We are happy to have our sister-company Rieckermann deliver the Liquefaction as a turn-key provider, including state-of-the-art technology, engineering packages and technical services.

About the Project:

The project is one of the first small-scale LNG infrastructures set to supply gas to remote areas in Indonesia. It stands as evidence of Rieckermann’s commitment to the growth and development of Indonesia’s energy market under the country’s National Gas Policy Map 2016 – 2030.
The Rieckermann Group secured the project through decades of experience in the Indonesian market and industry expertise, coupled with a well-established organizational structure in the country and willingness to make investments locally.
The plant boasts a capacity of 7.5 MMSCFD (equivalent to 150 tons per day) and is scheduled to begin production in 2025. The facility will incorporate several key processes, including:
    - Pretreatment Unit
    - Cooling System
    - LNG Separation Unit
    - LPG Separation Unit
    - LNG & LPG storage facility
    - Loading & unloading facilities

As a full-service provider for the complete value chain of a virtual pipeline, Rieckermann helps relevant stakeholders (gas well owners, investors, transportation companies, gas traders, and gas end users) achieve their desired results.
Using LNG instead of coal or diesel brings along the advantages of a simpler and more reliable transportation to remote locations. Additionally, reduced volumes result in lower transportation costs and a smaller environmental footprint.

JR New Horizons welcomes BDI as part of the Rieckermann family

February 2024
Logo BDI BioEnergy International

JR New Horizons welcomes BDI as part of the Rieckermann family  
JR New Horizons is pleased to announce that they are pursuing a strategic investment in BDI-BioEnergy International (BDI). Acting as Rieckermann’s strategic investment arm, they secured equal shares in the company together with EOSS and Kanzler Verfahrenstechnik (KVT), Rieckermann’s long-term trusted business partner. 

“The joint ownership is the ideal basis for BDIs future development”, says Tim Buttscher, COO of JR New Horizons. “Our individual strengths align, and we are united the commitment and vision of a circular economy and decarbonization through green production.” adds Flynn Seidel, Director Strategic Business Development of the Rieckerman Group.  

The entire Rieckermann team is excited about BDI joining forces.
With their added know-how, Rieckermann is now able to offer complete solutions for the conversion of industrial waste to valuable products, energy and production utilities such as heat, electricity, and steam to their customers across Asia and the Middle East. BDIs Biodiesel & Biogas plants can process a remarkable variety of waste streams including waste oils, animal fats and vegetable oils of any source.   Leveraging BDI’s expertise, Rieckermann can further provide advanced plastic to fuel solutions and retrofits of existing industrial BioDiesel plants for increased raw material flexibility. Customers in the growing market for renewable fuels can be served with innovative processing solutions for hydrotreated vegetable oils (HVO), as well as sustainable aviation fuels (SAF).   “The deal marks a strategic milestone within Rieckermann’s transformation into a complete solution provider for sustainable processing solutions” says Oliver Raab, Rieckermann’s Head of Industry Chemical & Energy. 

About BDI-BioEnergy International GmbH  
BDI-BioEnergy International GmbH is a market leader in the construction of biodiesel plants, providing environmentally friendly process solutions for the treatment of waste and pyrolysis oils, as well as specialized fermentation technologies for biogas plants. The range of services includes contract research and process development, engineering and scale-up services, up to customer service. The BDI Group currently employs around 140 individuals. 

About EOSS Industries 
EOSS Industries is an innovation-oriented industry and technology corporation targeting the long-term development of its companies. As a medium-sized enterprise group, the participations of EOSS generate approximately 200 million euro across the globe, export to more than 60 countries worldwide and employ about 500 members of staff. Defined goal is to turn every EOSS company into a hidden champion of its branch. Currently, the EOSS Group focuses on the subject areas life science, energy & infrastructure and future commerce. 

About Kanzler Verfahrenstechnik 
Kanzler Verfahrenstechnik (KVT) develops and implements industrial plants based on the concepts of green chemistry and closing the cycle. Renewable raw materials, by-products from industrial processes or waste flows serve as basic materials for the production of worthful chemicals, for the closing of material cycles as well as for the reuse of industrial waste. The technology portfolio contains solutions for the manufacture of chemical products based on regrowing raw materials, environmental technologies in the field of waste water and waste gas treatment and the production and the recovery of sulfuric acid from sulfurous waste gas, sulfur or spent acid. The family-owned business is internationally active and has about 160 employees in Austria and Germany. 

An exciting strategic investment into a solar player

May 2023
Logo 1 Stop Solar

An Exciting Strategic Investment into a Solar Player 

JR New Horizons is delighted to announce their latest investment in 1Stop Solar GmbH, a newly established B2B trading company specializing in the wholesale of photovoltaic systems, for the European market. This investment echoes Rieckermann’s support for the renewable energy sector and their shared vision for a sustainable future.  

It also marks a significant step in JR New Horizon’s ongoing strategy to diversify their portfolio and align with innovative businesses that are at the forefront of their industries. 1stop Solar has a fresh, dynamic approach to wholesale photovoltaic products with the potential to rapidly grow in the solar energy market. They are also based near Frankfurt, a strategic location known for its vibrant and innovative startup scene. With these factors combined, this investment into the renewable energy sector brings many potential opportunities for collaboration in the future.  

About 1stopSolar GmbH 

1stop Solar GmbH is an integrated solar energy solution provider specializing in the wholesale and after-sales services of photovoltaic systems. Their warehouse in Germany is equipped with a complete range of photovoltaic systems, including solar modules, inverters, energy storage batteries, mounting systems, and charging stations. With an international team and warehouses located throughout Europe, they offer high-quality products and one-stop solutions.

Strategic investment into Makula for industrial software solutions

February 2023
Makula Logo

Strategic investment into Makula for industrial software solutions

• Strategic alliance enables further investments for Makula in product and technology
• With Makula, SME machine suppliers and dealers digitize their customer service quickly and effectively

We are excited to share that we have pursued a strategic investment into the company Makula. Makula is a developer for Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions that enable component and machinery manufacturers (OEMs) and distributors to digitalize their after-sales services, while also establishing digital touch points with their customers.

Makula is using the strategic alliance to further invest in product and technology, optimizing the features of its customer service platform and attracting more customers. Having the Rieckermann Group on board, a distributor for dozens of machine builders across 11 different industries in Asia, not only gives the startup high credibility in the market, but also opens the doors for sustainable growth faster.

"Today, the after-sales business generates a large portion of the profits for component and machinery manufacturers (OEMs) and dealers. In times of digitalization, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in particular must also constantly adapt to current developments. However, they often miss this opportunity due to lacking internal know-how, or capital expenditure," explains Flynn Seidel, responsible for Strategic Business Development at the Rieckermann Group. "Digital processes and touch points in after-sales service are becoming more important to stay relevant in the market. This is where Makula comes into play."

Increase revenue and reduce downtime with Makula platform

"The future looks more than promising as we have gained an investor and partner in the Rieckermann Group that is deeply rooted in our industry. At the same time, we share the vision of bringing Makula to the top in a sustainable way," Emkay Khan, CEO and founder of Makula, is pleased to say. "With Rieckermann's far-reaching network, we want to increase our reach and understand our customers, as well as theirs, even better."

About Makula
Makula offers SME machine suppliers and dealers the fastest way to digitize their customer service. With the all-in-one platform, they bundle their after-sales services and easily connect digitally with their customers for greater efficiency and profitability. The software is used to increase after-sales revenue for OEMs and distributors while reducing downtime for machine users. Currently, the Makula after-sales service solution manages over 6,000 machines in ten countries.

More information about Makula can be found at https://makula.io/